Pubblico solo ora un'intervista esclusiva rilasciatami da Will Hayhurst la scorsa estate, prima dell'inizio della nuova stagione.
L'intervista è avvenuta tramite facebook, e quindi non di persona, grazie alla grandissima disponibilità di Will, ma anche grazie alla collaborazione di Janice Falconer e Moe Hayhurst, veramente gentili e persone che hanno capito quanto fosse grande la mia passione e quanto fossi sinceramente interessato a fare le domande che seguono a Will.
Colgo l'occasione quindi per ringraziare con tutto il cuore Will, Moe e Janice, persone squisite che ho avuto la fortuna ed il piacere di conoscere personalmente e con le quali spero di poter condividere altri momenti fantastici.
Avevo già avuto la splendida occasione di conoscere Will nell'agosto 2012 quando a Deepdale lo premiai come miglior giovane della stagione precedente a nome dei GBS, mentre ho potuto incontrare Moe e Janice successivamente a questa intervista, lo scorso agosto in occasione della partita contro il Blackpool.
Will e sua mamma Moe hanno ancora una volta dimostrato la loro gentilezza regalandomi un giubbetto del North End indossato ed autografato dal calciatore.

Ho atteso a pubblicare questa intervista perchè parte di essa verrà anche ripresa nel libro "Il Preston North End per Me" che ho scritto e che sarà presto in uscita, ma, dato che comunque sulle sue pagine non viene riportata integralmente, ma utilizzata per raccontare la carriera di Hayhurst, ho pensato che era inutile aspettare ancora a renderla pubblica qui sul blog.

Sono orgoglioso e felice di aver instaurato questo bellissimo rapporto con Will Hayhurst, un ragazzo davvero speciale ed al quale auguro ogni bene sia dal punto di vista personale, sia dal punto di vista professionale, credo molto nelle sue potenzialità, spero che che possa avere una grande carriera con la maglia del glorioso Preston North End, la sua squadra sin da quando era un bambino.

Già, perchè Will è un tifoso come noi, Will è uno di noi.
Thanks Will!!!

Hi, Will, as agreed I  send you my questions. There are too many perhaps ... but I hope you have the time and pleasure to answer!
Reply with calm, when you want and if there are any question too private not answer, no problem.
Thank you so much, for me is very important and I really hope to meet you again, probably I will come to Deepdale next August.
Sorry if my English is not good, I hope I have not made too many mistakes and that you understand all the questions!

Hello, thank you and best wishes!

1 - Do You started as a child to play football? Where did you get the first kick at a ball? Did you like other sports? It 's always been your dream to become a footballer?

I started playing at nursery with my friend, I remember I always used to kick the ball over the fence and got annoyed, I've always loved football but when I went to high school, i became more confident playing, I like other sports yes, table tennis, pool, snooker, tennis, golf, but none come close to football! It's always been a dream to become a professional footballer.

2 - How did you get in the youth team of PNE? You have called for an audition?

 I got scouted when I was in high school at the age of 13, and then when I was 16 when I got offered a youth team contract.

3 - Have you made sacrifices to become a footballer? When your friends were going to fun, you went to the training?

I'd say in football, I sacrificed a lot, but it never affected me because it's what I have always wanted to do, I never went out to drink, or stay out late, eat healthy, etc.

4 - What do you remember with more pleasure of those days? Friends, games, coach?

Playing football with my friends is a great feeling, when your with your best friends you enjoy being with them and then playing football with them aswell obviously added to it, so I'm hoping to have a kick around this summer with my friends!

5 - There is a person who has helped you the most? A parent, a friend, a coach, a girl?

I'd say all really, my mum and dad have supported and helped me through so much, taking me to every game, buying me equipment and giving me the support through hard times, and I know I wouldn't be we're I am now without them, so I owe them a lot! My nana has supported Preston and I used to go and watch them with her, so I made sure that I would play in the first team for her, and I know she is so proud which makes me smile everytime I play! A lot of coaches have brought me up the right way since I was a little boy playing for my local team, to play for Preston, for the youth team, reserves and first team, I owe a massive thank you to my youth team coaches who believed in me since I was young! Also my girlfriend has been with me through thick and thin through all my football and I know football might take over sometimes, but she supports me through everything.

6 - Which team supported you as a child? Did you go to the stadium to watch the games?

I supported Preston since I was a young boy, being a season ticket holder, and being a mascot, I have a lot of idols through the club, and I want to achieve huge things with Preston North End and I want to take them to greater heights! Also I followed Liverpool, I loved watching Steven gerrard and Michael Owen play!

7 - How did you feel when you debuted in the first team? Were you excited? Did you expect that?

It was a dream come true! I was so nervous because it was coming up to the time I was finding out about pro contracts, and then I trained with the first team, and got on the bench, I never expected to come on at half time, but infront of the home crowd I had great excitement!

8 - Finally, with the arrival of Grayson you've got the space you deserve, why do you think Westley did not make you play a lot? He did not believe in you or he was afraid to play with a young inexperienced?

I think that the new manager has give me some beleif, hes picked me when I'm at a young age, and that made me confident to go and score and create opportunities for the team, I guess I lost all confidence earlier on in the season, I believe in my ability, but know I can improve an awful lot, and it excites me that I can learn a lot, the new manager has made me play with no fear but also to work hard and I've really enjoyed it!

9 - Are you happy to have received the award from the Italian fans club? Did you expect that? What did you think when you were told that you would have rewarded by an italian? It was the first award you received in your career as a player? Do you imagined that could be italian fans of  PNE?

I won the league and cup for the youth team, but then to receive that award right at the start of the season, really pleased me, and I was honored to take it, I was surprised that Preston had an Italian group, but it pleases me that people around the world follow Preston, and it shows that we have a fantastic support!

10 - Would you  like to become a symbol of the PNE as Finney or hope to go in some great Club to win Premier League and Champions League?

Sir Tom Finney is the biggest legend at Preston and its an honor to play at the same club that he played for, I'd love to become someone great at Preston, the club is amazing, of you just look at the stadium you already think wow! If I ended up half as good as Tom Finney I would be delighted! Because he is just such an incredible player, I'd love to play in the premier league, and champions league, what footballer doesn't! But I'd love to take Preston to the premier league, that would be huge for me!

11 - Have you met Finney? If yes, what did you think about him? Was you excited? If not, would you like to know him? What Finney represent for you?

I have never met Sir Tom Finney in person, I would love to speak to him and meet him, he is the greatest player to play for Preston, it would be an honor, he represents how good of a player you can be at Preston!

12 - Are you proud to play in the Club that won the first Football League in the history of football?

I am very proud to play for Preston, and I hope that we pick up honors very soon!

13 - Do you like modern football or you would like to play in another era?

No I love modern football, I love the pace of the games the competitions that you can be involved in, and I count myself very lucky!

14 - What is your favorite stadium? And among those in which you played, what was the best? And what do you think of Deepdale?

My favourite would have to be the Nou Camp or the Bernabeu, I would love to play at one of those grounds, the atmosphere would be crazy! And it's just everyone's dream, I think deepdale is an unbelievable stadium, it is built like a championship/premiership stadium, and when the crowd is singing the atmosphere is amazing to play there!

15 - Fans are important for a player? Their support helps during games?

Yes massively, it helps a lot that you get support, I hop that deepdale starts to fill up again in the coming years, but I think the atmosphere is brilliant and the fans are behind the team, and when you play with that support it helps you so much, it makes you not afraid to make a mistake and for you to go and excite them! Also when you see the support that Preston take to away games you think wow, that's incredible!

16 - There are players of today or of the past that you admire and who inspires you?

Steve Gerrard and Michael Owen inspired me so much as a little boy, there so brilliant to watch and great players! You look at players like bale who I like to watch and how good he has become in the last few years, I enjoy watching players like Messi and Ronaldo like so many other people do, they entertain regularly!

17 - Apart from the English leagues, there are other foreign leagues that you like and where do you like to play? Do you like some foreign Club?

I'd like to play in Spain, its a good legue to watch, But the premiership is still definately the best league in the world!

18 - Have you any hobbies? Watch the football matches on television or you prefer get away from football in your spare time?

I do like to watch football, but I don't watch it as much as I used to do, I enjoy playing pool and table tennis in my spare time.

19- I follow all british football... english, irish, scottish, welsh, but also non-league football.. do you like any Clubs in those leagues?

I only really follow the English leagues, mainly league 1 and the premiership.

20- In the next season Pne could be promoted in Championship? The PNE squad is a good group of players in my opinion, do you like your team mates? Are you good friends?

I believe that this squad can get promoted to the championship, and that's going to be are aim I'm sure, it's were the club and fans deserve to be, yes my team mates have been great with me this year, they have helped me improve my game and helped me to be confident, and I'm hoping that we have a successful year together next season!

Thanks WIll you were very friendly and helpful. 
I do not bother you anymore although I hope that we can stay on good terms and meet again! I was very pleased to see you even at Griffin Park, what a coincidence! Thank you again!!

Haha that's no problem, we can talk whenever, it's good to see your passion about Preston! Thank you for bring friendly, and great to meet you!

Thank you so much, you're a humble guy and kind! I'm very happy to speak with you!

No problem, was great to speak about it for you.

Cheers, I hope the best for you, you are a good guy. The best in your private life and in your football carreer.

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